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About Us

Why choose our services

CAMSCO CARE SERVICES provides a uniquely refreshing approach to recruiting staff. Our service model is based on dedicated recruitment practices that are focused on delivering a great service.


This expert approach ensures an understanding of our clients’ requirements together with the swift and accurate matching of ‘best-fit’ candidates.

Our process

CAMSCO CARE SERVICES success rests on the success of our client’s business. Hence we provide a uniquely refreshing approach to permanent and temporary recruitment at all levels.


Whether you’re looking for a little help with day to day activities or need more complex care at home, we have a range of recruitment services to suit all needs and budgets.

Our obligation

We are committed to meeting the employment needs of individuals and businesses through sound, progressive techniques.


Where possible we meet the people we put forward for positions. Our success rests on the success of our client’s business.

We provide care in the comfort of people's own home.


Part of the CAMSCO CARE SERVICES Ltd company also proves individualized tailored care and support in the community between the age of 18years and over. Our aim is to give an individualized care and support which is tailored to their respective needs and expectations. Our service is based on care, trust, and support in a friendly, non-judgemental,  compassionate and on a professional manner through a transition to recovery and stability. 


We support our staff to maintain a high standard of care by providing them with extensive training.

At Camsco Care Services Ltd, Alice Howat is the company's Director and the Registered Manager. She has a DIP graduate in Mental Health Nursing and a DIP in Mental Health Law.


She has 18 years experience in working with clients both in hospital settings and in the community.

She has done other courses to enhance her skills, knowledge and her career -enabling her to work as a front line nurse to deliver care at a high standard. She also goes the extra mile to achieve optimal result and satisfaction.



Groups of clients we provide services to are:

- People who have physical health issues
- Physical Disabilities
- Learning Disabilities
- Mental Health Issues

- Dementia
- Older Adults
- Autism

Types of support we offer include:

-We offer domiciliary support services to meet individual care needs from 1hr - 24hrs a day.
-We support client's transition from the hospital environment and supplementing NHS services. 
- Accessing Education or Employment
- Cultural or Religious needs
- Escorting client to appointments
- Health and Fitness
- Outreach Floating Support.
- Support for Daily living and independent skills
- Support with eating and drinking
- Support with medication compliance

- Support with personal care
- Support with Finance and Budgeting
- Sleep in/waking night support